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How To Rebuild The Icon Cache In Windows 10

On that your Windows 10 PC, in case a couple of icons aren’t displaying as they need to, it is probably due to corrupted icon cache and fixing the icon cache must correct the matter.

For people that aren’t conscious, Windows saves all of icons in a file known as IconCache.db found under the profile so it may easily display icons without needing to hunt for them.

Rebuild Windows 10 icon cache step3.JPG

If Windows 10 revealing a white colour rather than the genuine icon or whether you’re viewing same icons after changing icons with a third party icon package, you can correct the problem by rebuilding the cache.

NOTE: None of those guides help you fix problems with thumbnails. If you’re experiencing problems with thumbnails, you want to reset or clear the thumbnail cache.

Method 1 of 3

Manually rebuild the icon cache from Windows 10

This is the simplest way to clean the cache without the assistance of third party utilities. In this procedure, we manually delete the icon cache and then restart the PC to allow Windows 10 automatically produce the newest icon cache document.

Step 1:-LRB-*********) Open File Explorer (Windows Explorer). Click View tab then place check mark alongside Hidden objects to create File Explorer display hidden folders and files.

Rebuild Windows 10 icon cache step1

Step two:-LRB-*********) Navigate into the next folder:-LRB-*****)


In the preceding path, UserName is the account user name to the PC and “C” is the drive letter of the drive where Windows 10 is set up.

Rebuild Windows 10 icon cache step2

Step 3:-LRB-*********) Under Local directory, find the file called IconCache (IconCache.db), right-click on the document and click Delete.

Rebuild Windows 10 icon cache step4

Click Yes if you find the verification box. You may not understand the verification prompt in case you have not allowed delete confirmation dialog.

Rebuild Windows 10 icon cache step5

Step 4:-LRB-*********) Finally, right-click on the Recycle Bin icon to the desktop and click Empty Recycle Bin to apparent IconCache.db along with other documents.

Rebuild Windows 10 icon cache step6

Step 5:-LRB-*********) Close all running programs and reboot your PC after to make a fresh IconCache.

Method 2 of 3

Use third party applications to quickly rebuild the icon cache

The aforementioned procedure (Method 1) is your ideal method out there to rebuild the cache, however if you are not able to delete the icon cache by following the instructions in Method 1, then you may use a free program known as Rebuild Icon Cache. The app not just rebuilds the cache but also backs up the first icon cache so it is possible to restore the file if you begin experiencing problems with the new cache.

Step 1:-LRB-*********) Visit this webpage of DeviantArt and click on the download button situated on the right-side to obtain Rebuild Icon Cache software. Extract the downloaded RAR file with WinRAR, 7-Zip or ZipWare for Rebuild Icon Cache. Double-click on the folder to view Rebuild Icon Cache program)

Step two:-LRB-*********) Right-click Rebuild Icon Cache applications and click on Run as administrator. Click Yes button once you find that the User Account Prompt. And if you are asked to input the admin password, then please do the trick.

Rebuild Windows 10 icon cache step7.jpg

Step 3:-LRB-*********) Once Rebuild Icon Cache is established, click gears (the first one in the left) to rebuild the icon cache.

As mentioned previously, the program makes a copy of the first icon cache prior to fixing the brand new one. Should you encounter any difficulties with icons, which will be improbable, click on the recycle bin icon Rebuild Icon Cache applications to renew the first icon cache.

Method 3

Rebuild the icon lock through Command Prompt

If none of the above mentioned methods working for you, please utilize this approach to reconstruct the icon cache through Command Prompt.

Step 1:-LRB-*********) Open Task Manager either by right-clicking on the taskbar then click Task Manager or using Ctrl + Shift + Esc keyboard shortcut.

Rebuild Windows 10 icon cache step8

Step two:-LRB-*********) If you are viewing the milder variant of Task Manager as shown in the image below, click More details. If you find the complete version, skip to the next measure.

Rebuild Windows 10 icon cache step9

Step 3:-LRB-*********) Under Processes tab, right-click on Windows Explorer entry and then click End activity to kill the Windows Explorer. Once you kill Windows Explorer, the taskbar and also Start menu will be imperceptible.

Rebuild Windows 10 icon cache step10

Step 4:-LRB-*********) Click File menu of Task Manager, click Run new activity, input CMD.exe click OK button to start Command Prompt.

Rebuild Windows 10 icon cache step11

Rebuild Windows 10 icon cache step12

Step 5:-LRB-*********) In that the Command Prompt, type these commands one after the following and press Enter key after typing each command to do it.

CD /p %userprofile%AppDataLocal

Del IconCache.db /a


Rebuild Windows 10 icon cache step14

Step 6:-LRB-*********) Click File menu of this Task Manager again, click Run new activity, input Explorer. Exe click OK button to restart the File Explorer.

rebuild Windows 10 icon cache


Rebuild Windows 10 icon cache step15

That’s it!

Updated: January 12, 2018 — 5:59 am

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