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An Excellent Free Zip Software For Windows 10

I’ve been utilizing the most hot 7-Zip for near a decade now and very pleased with it. Unlike many PC users, I use the webmail solutions to send and receive tens of thousands of documents daily, and I make certain you compress and password protect my own Zip documents prior to sending.

In addition to 7-Zip and WinRAR, there are lots of paid and free compression utilities available for Windows. We have examined a few of these (Easy 7-Zip & Bandizip) here on IntoWindows, but the majority of the paid and free utilities out there provide comparable set of attributes.


While looking for an application to handle RAR files on Windows Phone, I stumbled upon a brand new compression utility known as Zipware. At first, this utility appeared just like any other free compression utility on the market, however after installing and playing around, I understood that it is among the very best free compression utilities out there for Windows operating platform.

Zipware attributes

Since Zipware is a free application designed to create and extract zip files, let us first discuss that formats it supports. The current variant of Zipware supports all significant archive formats, including ZIP, ISO, MSI, GZIP, WIM, RAR, 7Z, DMG, UDF, CBZ, TAR as well as the newest RAR5. It supports making archives in ZIP, 7-ZIP, and EXE.

Zipware for Windows

The capability to convert favorite archives for zip, 7z or exe is most likely the best attribute of Zipware, and also the characteristic makes this completely free utility among those must have resources.

Besides that, it permits you create password protected archives using AES-256 encryption, together with options to make self-extracting archives.

Zipware for Windows pic3

Like additional document archiving programs on the market, Zipware also adds a few useful options to file context menu, however, does not clutter your document context menu at the procedure. As you are able to see, it uses cascading menu mode to be certain your context menu isn’t cluttered’

Zipware for Windows pic1

Using Zipware’s entrance in the document context menu, it is possible to scan questionable files utilizing VirusTotal’s service. As you probably know, using VirusTotal, an individual can scan documents from viruses and malware utilizing over 50 anti virus engines. So should you discover a downloaded document is questionable, you do not have to upload and then scan the document. All you want to do is, right-click onto the document, click Zipware, click search option to automatically upload and then scan the document.

Zipware has a password manager to store and handle your qualifications, but because there are better tools available for the occupation, not everybody may be interested in this.

Zipware for Windows pic2

Lastly, Zipware can compute MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 checksums for documents directly from the document context menu, which means you don’t have to download extra software to examine MD5 and SHA checksums.

When in regards to compression ratio and compression period, it is difficult to better the favorite 7-Zip from the free category. That stated, unless you are are likely to compress big files daily, compression ratio and time do not play an essential role whilst opting for a fantastic archiving tool. You will barely save a few seconds while utilizing 7-Zip.

Overall, Zipware is a fantastic archive software with remarkable collection of attributes. As mentioned before, if aren’t seeking to save a couple of seconds through compression, then this free program is unquestionably better than the majority of the programs on the market. Don’t move by our words, give it a go.

Download Zipware

Updated: January 12, 2018 — 10:20 pm

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